"I was a self-taught guitarist for a good number of years. I knew the basics, but still needed that push to reach the next level. Working with Vince was a major help in achieving that goal. He showed me how fun it can be to learn and instrument, and he was eager to teach me the songs I wanted to learn while also using that to teach me various aspects of guitar playing. Learning guitar can be intimidating, but Vince really knows how to break everything down in a way that makes it easy to understand. He gives you the tools and encouragement to continue learning and teaching yourself, whether you're at a lesson or at home."

Sean L. Thibodeaux - Guitarist for the band SIDEWISE

"Vince really showed me how to use my ear in order to figure out songs and write my own licks and tunes. He taught me the importance of listening, and trusting my ears. On top of that, he gave me the foundation and knowledge I needed to be able to play with seasoned veteran guitarists at a young age, and eventually move into studying different styles, like flamenco. The skills that Vince equipped me with are ones that I use constantly in my full time career as a musician now. I would not be where I am today in my level of playing, if I had not studied with Vince for all those years. Beyond educating me musically, and more importantly, he helped me believe in myself."

Katy Guillen - Guitarist/vocalist for the band KATY AND THE GIRLS, Katy Guillen Website

Vince Kirk is by far one of the best guitar teachers in Kansas City. I have played for years but wanted to shake it up with some new styles and just overall better understanding of theory. Vince by far exceeded what I was expecting and I am very grateful for what I learned as well as his approach.

Chad Bourquin Guitarist for BIG TIME GRAIN COMPANY, Big Time Grain Company website

"Vince has had a huge influence on me. He is the one that inspired me to become a teacher. And even after 20 years of being one of his students, I still go to him if I need help on something. His knowledge, patience, and ability to customize each lesson make him not just my favorite guitar teacher, but my favorite music teacher."

Trace Follett - Guitar Instructor at SPENCERS MUSIC

"Vince has consistently furnished me with the tools to be a more well-rounded player. Not only have I learned the "How" but perhaps more importantly the "Why" behind properly learning the guitar. There is simply no substitute for quality 1 x 1 instruction from a qualified teacher, and Vince goes above and beyond during every lesson to lead by example. I've lost count of how many times I have struggled with something, and during a lesson Vince will illustrate it in a way that gives you that "Aha!" moment. Because he is constantly striving to be a better player, that in turn inspires you to be a better player, and that's what it is all about."

Chris Lee

'Vince Kirk is one of the best, multifaceted, and talented players around. I have learned a lot from him. Something that sticks out about Vince is that he molds the lessons around what you want to learn. In doing so, he will help pull your personality out through the guitar, help you own your sound, and appreciate the gift you never knew you had. Anyone ranging from beginner to advance will benefit from Vince. I get a ton of compliments on my tone. It all ties back to Vince teaching me to use my guitar as a voice and how to be expressive when it counts. I cannot say enough about Mr. Kirk. He is the best.'

Jeremy Mall

Vince is a very good teacher, he is patient and encourages his students to use what you are learning outside of your lessons. I am so thankful he encouraged me to try out for the worship band at my church as I can't imagine not doing that now. He also lets you pick songs you want to learn while teaching you new things at the same time. To me this helps you want to practice and learn more. This really helps me to enjoy learning even more so it doesn't feel like a task.

Renee Vogel

Vince is an excellent guitar teacher. Not only is he an expert at his craft, but he is capable of explaining music theory in simple terms for beginners. I asked Vince Kirk if he could help me achieve the goal of writing my own songs, and he did exactly that. I would recommend Vince to anyone eager to learn rock n roll and the blues.

Paul Bryant

Vince is a fun, knowledgeable, and unique resource for guitar instruction. Taking lessons with Vince helped me improve several weak areas of my playing- note and chord identification, improvisation strategies, and various techniques. The great thing is that Vince teaches these subjects in a very approachable way. I never felt overwhelmed, but always felt challenged and motivated. Even better, I’ve found that a lot of the instruction is applicable to a ton of musical styles- rock, blues, jazz, funk, country, etc. Vince really revitalized my interest in guitar. I owe many playing and tone improvements to him. Definitely recommend checking out some lessons with Vince!

Ben Grace - guitarist for The Mikey Needleman Band, The Mikey Needleman Band

My 8 year old son has had the privilege of Vince's guitar instruction. My son looked forward to his lessons every week not only to learn how to play guitar but also to enjoy Vince's company. Vince is extremely patient, engaging, attentive and encouraging. He allows his students to choose songs they want to learn which makes learning and practicing much more exciting and captivating. Whether you're a newbie or know the guitar pretty well, you'll absorb something you never knew you needed to be a better player. If you or your child are interested in guitar instruction, I'm convinced there's no one more qualified than Vince.

Stella Baccaray